Smoking and The Mass Media

The smoking habit seems to be influenced by the mass media after all, according to a recent report. The said report also tells how the mass media has the means to encourage as well as discourage people, especially the youth, to smoke. It is the first report on the subject that provides the conclusion that there is a causal relationship between exposure to the habit of smoking in the mass media and the youth startin

Cigarette Use and Its Influences

Cigarette smoking is considered as a harmful habit to take up. Yet still quite a lot of people take up such a habit despite all the warnings and the known health risks. Most people only realize too late just how harmful smoking can be. One reason why still a lot of smokers out there is because of the influence that such a habit may exert on some people. For the most part, people do not initially take the habit jus

E-Cigarettes: Smoking Is Going Hi-Tech

Even cigarettes are now trying to catch up with the times. Creative inventors have recently come out with a type of cigarette that seems to come out straight from the future. This type of cigarette is "smokeless" as it doesn’t emit harmful second hand smoke. This new and innovative invention is now known as the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. The new e-cigarette seems to cater to those new bre

Value of Tobacco

Tobacco is not merely considered as a product that involves smoking and vices. In fact others may see it more as a valuable commodity needed for growth and development for the people and countries that produce them. Tobacco has been involved with trading since ancient times. People not only have been using tobacco for personal reasons, they used it for trade as well. Tobacco As Commodity The interest that tobacco

Danish Cigarettes

Danish cigarettes may have only gained their popularity only in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. But the thing about these cigarettes is that it is even more famous than it is used to be. The reason is hidden in its centuries-old of tobacco manufacturing. Here is one history lesson for you. Denmark has been producing tobaccos for more than four centuries. That goes way back in 1750. Its cigarettes have be

Yesmoke: One of the Best Italian Cigarette Brands

Yesmoke is a brand of cigarette that is manufactured in Italy. It uses fine tobaccos that come from 7 different countries, providing excellent flavor and quality taste. Of course, these are all used to create different grades regarding flavor. Quality tobaccos The tobaccos used in manufacturing Yesmoke comes from three kinds: Oriental, Virginia and Burley. Upon production, the Burley is usually toasted, while th

Famous Cigarettes From Spain and France

Spanish and French cigarettes can be as classy as that of the place where these cigarettes have originated. Yet, other than that, there is something else that you have to know about them, and that is taste and flavor. So if you wish to visit any of these countries, it may be wise to remember to relish the taste of their cigarettes. Below are some types of Spanish and French cigarettes. Wiser it is also that you pu

How Are Cigarette Filters Made?

The good thing about cigarettes is that it is a piece of ingenuity in itself. From the way the tobaccos are manufactured up to the varying tastes each type possesses. But let us not leave the cigarette filter behind. For cigarette aficionados out there, have you ever thought of how cigarette filters are made? As insignificant as it seems, they contribute an important role in the pleasure of smoking. Though there

Chinese Cigarettes

Chinese cigarettes can be both classy and exotic. Who says no one goes crazy over Chinese cigarettes? Unless you are a tobacco aficionado yourself who craves for the heavenly taste and the exotic aura of a cigarette, you may find yourself looking for one. The best thing about Chinese cigarettes is the fact that they are not only regarded for their flavor but also on the history on how they came to be. Below are ju

How Tobacco Blends for Cigarettes are Made

For those who are not well-versed when it comes to the tobacco blends of cigarettes, then perhaps this may be the right time for cigarette aficionados to know what makes up a cigarette’s tobacco blend. Of course, in the process of choosing the tobacco for the cigarettes, the leaves undergo the process of selection and are aged before being blended and filled.   Usually, the byproducts in a blend are pro