Cigarette Use and Its Influences

cigarette smokeCigarette smoking is considered as a harmful habit to take up. Yet still quite a lot of people take up such a habit despite all the warnings and the known health risks. Most people only realize too late just how harmful smoking can be.

One reason why still a lot of smokers out there is because of the influence that such a habit may exert on some people. For the most part, people do not initially take the habit just by themselves. There has got to be some sort of influence around them that might get them into smoking. Here are some of them:

Peer Pressure

One of the first influences that come to mind when it comes to smoking as a habit is peer pressure. Many people start smoking while in their teens. It is not surprising that this is also the time when teens start to establish and develop social relationships more and more. And with building these relationships usually comes having to feel as being "one of the crowd".

Teens want to feel some sense of belongingness with friends and their peers. Because of this, some may be influenced by them to start certain habits that peers consider as a common connection. Smoking tends to be one of them. Peer pressure is a highly effective influence that may aid teens to start smoking early.

Mass Media

Another primary influence of the smoking habit for a great number of people is the mass media. The use of advertisements by cigarette companies in mass media has been a great influence in encouraging a number of the population to start and continue smoking. According to a recent study, the mass media is able to influence people, especially the youth to smoke. The same study also stresses that the same mass media may also be able to discourage people from taking the habit.

The report of the said study "The Role of the Media in Promoting and Reducing Tobacco Use" was said to be the first to conclusively indicate a causal relationship between the exposure to description of smoking in movies and the youth beginning the habit of smoking. According to the report’s senior scientific editor, Melanie Wakefield, the report was extensive and took four years to compile. It involved the expert analysis of 23 authors and the analysis of 1,000 scientific studies related to the subject of smoking and the mass media.

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