How Tobacco Blends for Cigarettes are Made

tobacco blendFor those who are not well-versed when it comes to the tobacco blends of cigarettes, then perhaps this may be the right time for cigarette aficionados to know what makes up a cigarette’s tobacco blend. Of course, in the process of choosing the tobacco for the cigarettes, the leaves undergo the process of selection and are aged before being blended and filled.


Usually, the byproducts in a blend are processed from flue-cured brightleaf, oriental and burley tobacco. Several byproducts are produced during the process of making brightleaf and burley tobaccos, such as tobacco dust, leaf pieces and the stems. All of these are added to the cigarette blend.


There are three types of byproducts. These are the blended leaf sheet, reconstituted leaf sheet and the expanded/improved leaf sheet.


The blended leaf sheet is a dry and thin sheet of paste and consists of tobacco dust gathered from tobacco stems, leaf stems of finely milled burley leaf, and pectin.


The reconstituted leaf sheet is gathered from recycled tobacco stems and fines. This whole process is done through the extraction of soluble chemicals in the byproducts of tobaccos. In a sense, the recycled tobacco is reconstituted to make up the cigarette tobacco itself. This is also the process when the ammonium additives are added which provides the transmission of nicotine.


The expanded stems are leaf stems that have undergone the process of rolling, flattening and shredding after being soaked in water and heated the whole while. Improved stems, on the other hand, have undergone the same process but are first steamed after being shredded.


Via the manner with which the expanded and improved stems are processed, they appear the same but they have different tastes.


Humectants, a substance used in dissecation, will be added to the birhgtleaf, burley-leaf and oriental tobaccos. Cocoa, licorice, tobacco extracts, and sugars commonly called as casings are added to the tobacco blends. Toppings, or the fragrant flavoring, are blended to the concocted tobacco mixture.


The name of the cigarette is then based on the flavor of the tobacco blend. Once this is done, the tobacco mixture will then be fitted into the cigarette tube and be ready for packaging.


A little knowledge regarding cigarettes will not hurt. Now, you will not just light cigarettes up but will ponder on how tedious the process of creating such a blend can be.

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