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Cigarettes, in a way, are a sign of class, comfort and, yes, luxury. What makes a stick of this or that such is the fact that it costs so much no matter how ubiquitous it may be. Also, there are some brands out there in which many aficionados are not familiar with. Moreover, some cigarettes are now manufactured outside of the country where they were originally produced. Since a variety of blends are added to it, s

Pipe Tobacco Varieties

The best thing about tobacco pipes is the fact that they have been the one thing that stood between smoking aficionados and the pleasure of smoking tobacco. Pipes are traditional relics of a past that evoked leisure and style, and thus have always been revered by many. After all, what are pipes without the tobacco filling? Basically, pipes are just a bridge toward the bliss acquired from smoking flavored tobacco,

What Is Cavendish Tobacco?

Cavendish is the name given to the curing process of preparing tobaccos. While some think of it is a type of tobacco, it obviously isn’t. Exceptional and exclusive it is a tobacco, it comes only for smoking pipes.. Its origin goes way back from its discovery by Sir Thomas Cavendish. Historically, when Cavendish thought of bringing tobaccos from the New World back to England, he saturated his own supply with

Smoking Pipes

The venerable smoking pipes, no matter how traditional, will always remain classy as they became trademarks in the evolution of tobacco smoking. Sometimes seeing it triggers nostalgia, especially for those who have seen the best of years as regards to having witnessed fathers or grandfathers enjoy a leisurely afternoon with their smoking pipes. Production of tobacco pipes can either be handcrafted or machine-craft

Russian Style Cigarettes

Russian cigarettes, though not known to many, are popular either to former Soviet blocs or the whole world. From a classy and chic to raw yet strong ones, the country itself has produced and still produces cigarettes that many will assure that it tastes beyond elegance, even crudeness. Below are three cigarette brands which anyone may find overwhelmingly splendid if not powerful as regards its flavor. Belomorkanal

What Are Kreteks?

  Clove cigarettes, known also as kreteks, are cigarettes whose ingredients are clove, tobacco and a special flavoring sauce. The name kretek was taken from the crackling sound the cigarette produced when lit. Historically, an Indonesian man of the name Haji Jamarhi was the first to invent the clove cigarettes in the 1880s. The use of the clove was to utilize the chemical in it called eugenol, which was th

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Cigarette is a luxury. Every person no matter how rich or poor they maybe is enjoying one of the luxury in life in each lighting of a cigar stick. Spending money for nothing but to taste the flavor of a burning stick in their mouth is a perfect picture of luxury. Ones cigarettes do not have to cost that much just so to enjoy. A cigar is a cigar regardless of its cost. It would be nice to have the taste of the one

Affordable Mexican Cigars

Cigarettes does not have to be so expensive for one to say they tasted something of good quality. In fact, there are number of good cigarettes that you can buy for less than $2.00 per stick. It is even more affordable when actually bought per box or bundle. Some handmade cigarettes of affordable price can even be mistaken for a premium brand of cigar while on a blind taste test. The following are some of the fantas

The Finest Philippine Cigars

The Philippines has been exposed in using and making tobacco long before the Spaniards came. Yet it is of course it is only through the Spanish invasion that tobacco making skills was enhance and the massive production has been made within and outside for the archipelago. The Filipinos being an innate craftsmen and expert with tobaccos still serve the finest tobacco and humidors until today worldwide. La Flor de la

Spotting Fake Cuban Cigars

The increasing popularity of Cuban cigars has brought along quite a demand for these prized stogies in recent years. The problem is that the supply usually has not been able to cope up with the demand for Cuban cigars. Further complicated by the trade embargo between the US and Cuba, availability of these prized cigars have to be sourced from alternative means. Although still illegal in the US, the appeal for Cuba