E-Cigarettes: Smoking Is Going Hi-Tech

Even cigarettes are now trying to catch up with the times. Creative inventors have recently come out with a type of cigarette that seems to come out straight from the future. This type of cigarette is "smokeless" as it doesn’t emit harmful second hand smoke. This new and innovative invention is now known as the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette.

The new e-cigarette seems to cater to those new breed of smokers who wish to stay in the habit but are also health conscious. As you might well know, the typical cigarette, when being smoked, contains carcinogens and other harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide and other toxins that might affect a person’s health aside from giving the smoker a temporary fix. In order to do away with the harmful smoke and the unhealthy chemicals in it, inventors made the new cigarette invention to run on batteries.

It may seem farfetched to some, but the e-cigarette seems to have something interesting in it. What it does offer aside from the absence of smoke is the nicotine fix that most smokers look for when they light up an ordinary cigarette. In the case of the new electronic cigarette, the said fix is provided by the cartridge containing a nicotine and water. The cartridge looks like the filter of the ordinary cigarette. It is then connected to the battery unit which looks like white portion of any typical cigarette.

Users screw the two parts together. This activates the heating element which heats up the nicotine, water and flavor that comes out as steam. The user then inhales the combination to get that nicotine buzz. The e-cigarette offers the same pleasure that ordinary cigarettes offer but without the other toxins. Users not only have to worry about their own health, they also no longer have to be concerned by the people around them while they smoke. Non-smokers no longer have to deal with the second hand smoke when around the e-smokers. You can also say that using it may create lesser pollutants in the air and so might be a great help to the environment too.

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