Chinese Cigarettes

chinese cigarettesChinese cigarettes can be both classy and exotic. Who says no one goes crazy over Chinese cigarettes? Unless you are a tobacco aficionado yourself who craves for the heavenly taste and the exotic aura of a cigarette, you may find yourself looking for one.

The best thing about Chinese cigarettes is the fact that they are not only regarded for their flavor but also on the history on how they came to be. Below are just some of the sample of these exquisite Asian cigarettes.

Zuan Shi Diamond Cigarettes

Produced at around 1893, the founder of this tobacco brand, Philip Chang, was known for his habitual womanizing and alcoholism. With a black filter, this cigarette comes in a black packet.

Guo Bao Cigarettes

What makes this a good cigarette is the fact that this is a premium brand and has a triple filter tip. Its name is translated literally as "national treasure". Perhaps this is the main reason why it has to be that great.

Jiao Zi PRIDE Black Label Cigarettes

For those who opt for strong-tasting cigarettes, Jiao Zi PRIDE Black Label is the one for you. Take its name for it. Maybe this is the pride of all Chinese tobaccos.

Yi Zhi Bi Feather Pen Cigarettes

Best known for its smooth aftertaste, this brand of cigarette was actually produced in a nunnery. Through this, anyone may say that the clergy and cigarettes go along pretty well.

If you want to know other Chinese cigarette brands, visit Now, afraid of the melamine scare? Heck, who said cigarettes are chocolates?

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