Famous Cigarettes From Spain and France

cigarettesSpanish and French cigarettes can be as classy as that of the place where these cigarettes have originated. Yet, other than that, there is something else that you have to know about them, and that is taste and flavor.

So if you wish to visit any of these countries, it may be wise to remember to relish the taste of their cigarettes. Below are some types of Spanish and French cigarettes. Wiser it is also that you put them in mind.

Fortuna cigarettes

These cigarettes have Virginia-type tobacco blends in them. What makes its tobaccos even more exotic is the fact that it came from countries like Africa, Asia and Central America.

What is even more fascinating about this brand is that it is so popular, it is a competitor among other famous American cigarettes. Now, its popularity extends to other European countries like Belgium, Austria, Poland and even Panama.

Gauloises cigarettes

These are the type that are manufactured in France. With tobaccos that come from Syria and Turkey, the Gauloises cigarettes possess a strong and unique aroma.

Wonderful as this cigarette may be because they are non-filtered, its name sparks something close to historical nationalism. That is because the phrase "la langue gauloise" evokes how the Gauls have resisted the Romans.

Ducados cigarettes

This brand has two types: the Ducados rubios (blonde) and the negros (dark). These are just one of the many cigarettes out there that anyone can afford at a cheap price.

Moreover, this is popular among French and British tourists. However, if you are interested in gender preference, Spanish women prefer the blonde ones over the dark. The Ducados negros have a very strong flavor that is why most men prefer it.

Gitanes cigarettes

The Gitanes brand of cigarettes is popular among the French. Literally translated, Gitanes means "gypsy woman". This has a very distinctive taste attained through its fire-flued technique in curing the tobacco.

This cigarette is available in light and regular variations for the filtered ones. But they also come in a non-filtered form. What is even more fascinating about this is that its paper is not manufactured ordinarily. This may serve as the primary reason why it tastes different from other cigarettes out there.

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