Value of Tobacco

Tobacco is not merely considered as a product that involves smoking and vices. In fact others may see it more as a valuable commodity needed for growth and development for the people and countries that produce them. Tobacco has been involved with trading since ancient times. People not only have been using tobacco for personal reasons, they used it for trade as well.

Tobacco As Commodity

The interest that tobacco has gained through the years is not anything new. It has been used for thousands of years. Ancient cultures have experienced its pleasurable effects and have made it a part of their daily lives. In various forms, tobacco has been smoked, chewed and even snorted. And this demand has made tobacco very valuable as a resource. That is why tobacco has endured time because people have shown great value to it as a commodity. It drives businesses to continue producing the produce in order to satisfy the still growing demand for it.

Tobacco As Cure

Some people also see other values in tobacco. Not only is it seen as a good and valuable commodity, ancient people even considers it to have medicinal properties. True, ancient cultures make use of tobacco in a variety of ways. It has been used to dress wounds. It has also been used as a pain reliever and even a cure for toothache. When tobacco came to European shores, it was even widely believed to be a cure-all for various serious ailments.

Tobacco As Currency

In some countries, tobacco is so highly valued that it is readily accepted as a mode of currency. It can be exchanged for almost all other produce. During its popularity in the 1600’s, it was so valuable that it was even considered as good as gold.

But since then, tobacco has experienced a gradual decline in interest and also in demand. It is no longer considered as valuable as it once was. Many restrictions have been instituted because many studies have shown it to be a serious risk to health. Compounded by higher taxes, tobacco now remains a valuable commodity, but not in the same level as it was then considered.

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