Danish Cigarettes

danish cigarettesDanish cigarettes may have only gained their popularity only in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. But the thing about these cigarettes is that it is even more famous than it is used to be. The reason is hidden in its centuries-old of tobacco manufacturing.

Here is one history lesson for you. Denmark has been producing tobaccos for more than four centuries. That goes way back in 1750. Its cigarettes have been known to suit the tastes of every tobacco and cigarette aficionado. Known for their Prince Cigarettes, they have also been famous for their other brands.

Brands of Danish cigarettes 

For those who wish to know what those other brands are, below are some of them.

  • Airliner Cigarettes
  • Anson Cigarettes
  • Araber Cigarettes
  • Mild Kvalitet
  • Aida Cigarettes
  • Adamas Cigarettes
  • Baronet Cigarettes
  • Snowflake Menthol Cigarettes

The taste of change 

Evolution has been one of the best things that happened to Danish cigarettes. It produced menthol cigarettes in the 1930s to create an even different taste. Yet some of these contained different blends like the universally known American Blend, just as what is found in their Snowflake Menthol Cigarettes.

Due to the variety of cigarettes produced, they have been the target of every cigarette collector. That means they are not just reliving history itself, they are trying to preserve what has been a part of the Danish culture. And it is a tradition that cannot simply go away.

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