A Look at Cigar Beetles

Cigar beetles has been one of the most dreaded enemies of cigar collectors. Cigar beetles, known scientifically as Lasioderma serricorne, are pests known to feed on tobacco leaves that cigars are made of. These beetles grow to around two to three millimeters long. They are light brown in color which makes them undetectable at most times when hiding among cigars or tobacco leaves. What makes them a pest is that they

How Cigar Construction Affects Taste

Not all people can enjoy the same cigar in a similar way. True, cigar buffs may have that talent for knowing the best cigars in terms of quality, but enjoying them may be varied. This is because the taste of cigars may be affected by certain factors that may differ from person to person at some point in time. These factors can change the taste of a certain cigar as well as the enjoyment that a cigar smoker can get

Rating a High Quality Cigar

Cigar aficionados depend on how cigars are rated for quality before they decide on purchasing them. Although the task of rating and reviewing quality cigars largely depend on experienced cigar experts that many aficionados look up to, having some knowledge on how cigars are rated can also help cigar collectors decide on which cigars would eventually end up in their own collection. Rating cigars is actually an art.

How to Store Cigars

In order to keep cigars at their best, serious collectors should have a good humidor on hand. Humidors allow your prized cigars to be kept in an environment that they can remain in tip top shape for as long as possible. But keeping them simply in a humidor is not all there is to it. You need to keep these following tips in mind when you do find yourself using a humidor for your cigar collection. First of all, when

Buying Bundle Cigars

Bundle cigars are usually not what they are thought up to be. For most people, they might look like a class below the better quality cigars out there. But in all actuality, they may not be as bad as some may think. Buying bundle cigars may even provide consumers with affordable alternatives to enjoy a puff or two. Bundled cigars first appeared during the 1960’s. They are actually cigars that are made to be s

The Dominican Republic: Cigar Country

Although it is Cuba that seems to come in mind when people speak about the finest cigars, the Dominican Republic is not far from being able to reach such a distinction with its own cigars. Just like Cuba, the Dominican Republic is slowly getting the attention of a lot of avid cigar collectors all over the world for their own line of fine quality cigars. Therefore, it is important to learn about the country and how

How Tobacco Leaves are Prepared for Cigar Making

Every avid cigar collector should have an idea of how their prized cigar collection came to be. Of course, looking at a cigar and one would have a pretty good idea of how it is made. It is just a bunch of dried tobacco leaves rolled carefully to form cylindrical shaped objects and then shipped all over the world. But cigar making is more than that. The making of cigars begins with the cultivation of the tobacco pl

How to Select a Cigar Humidor

Cigar humidors come in handy especially for serious cigar collectors. In the case of having quite a number of different cigars in your cabinet, you definitely would need a good cigar humidor. A cigar humidor the best place to store your cigars. This is especially useful if you have more cigars that you can possibly use for a long time. After all, that is what cigar collectors do. In collecting cigars, one must be

Dos and Don'ts For Cigar Connoisseurs

Cigar lovers should know what they can about cigars. Collecting them alone would not do for the serious cigar connoisseur. Valuable cigars are like any other collectible, they require patient care and maintenance. And most of all, cigar connoisseur must know the proper way of using them. Here are some tips that may be able to help every would-be cigar connoisseur out there. Since you would be collecting cigars for

Reviving Dry Cigars

Discovering dry cigars in your collection can be a tragic experience indeed. Dry cigars are in no way fit for smoking and at the same time fit enough to be kept any more. But fortunately, all may not be lost. There are ways that a cigar aficionado may be able to do something about dry cigars. It might still be possible to restore them. Restoring dry cigars may depend on the extent of the damage or the condition of