What Is Cavendish Tobacco?

cavendish tobacco

Cavendish is the name given to the curing process of preparing tobaccos. While some think of it is a type of tobacco, it obviously isn’t. Exceptional and exclusive it is a tobacco, it comes only for smoking pipes.. Its origin goes way back from its discovery by Sir Thomas Cavendish.

Historically, when Cavendish thought of bringing tobaccos from the New World back to England, he saturated his own supply with rum. The idea was that so it will not dry out. What came out as a result after a few weeks was that the tobacco obtained a sweet taste and an aromatic scent.

This process is a trademarked by its curing and cutting method. The procedure begins by heating the tobacco with fire or with steam while infused with substances high in sugar such as honey or rum. Since the Cavendish utilizes as double-curing process, a second fermentation will take place. This will take out the ammonia and chlorophyll in the leaves.

Afterwards, the resulting tobacco will be better-tasting and burns slower. The output, which is a compressed tobacco cake, will be sliced. Then upon smoking these tobaccos, the slices have to be broken apart then rubbed by the palm in circular motion.

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