Tips on Buying Cuban Cigars

cuban cigarsCuban cigars have created a certain attraction among cigar lovers all over the world. They are such coveted treasures that they can fetch up exorbitant prices for the most valued varieties.

Certain factors may have contributed to make Cuban cigars truly a treasure to cherish. Cuban cigars are made from only the finest tobaccos being grown in the fertile plantations in Cuba. The tobacco leaves used are carefully selected in order to maintain that certain quality that Cuban cigars are known for.

Making a single one may require an intricate process that may require several steps. The process these Cuban cigars are made follow a tradition that has not changed for over a hundred years. All these make up the steps taken in making the best and the finest Cuban cigar to permit one to have one of the best and most memorable cigar smoking experience.

Buying Cuban cigars may require some bit of experience to ensure that the cigar aficionado may not be tricked into buying a variety of less quality. Since Cuban cigars are widely sought after, fake cigars already have flooded the market where it has become a challenge for one to find an authentic Cuban cigar just about anywhere. Here are some tips that may be able to help you make that purchase that you would never regret.

First of all, when you wish to buy authentic Cuban cigars, you have to take note that there is a continuing embargo going on between the United States and Cuba. This embargo includes the importation of Cuban cigars. Certain exceptions are made for those who have visited Cuba and brought along some of the cigars for personal use. This exception is meant for allowing visitors to the country to bring along a cigar or two, as long as it does not exceed a US$100.

On that note, one must be aware of the risks that may be involved in buying Cuban cigars. Just make sure that when you buy them, you plan to use them for yourself and not to sell for a profit. The difficulties of getting a Cuban cigar may have been the reason why it has become so valuable for many cigar aficionados. This will bring us to the next tip.

When you buy Cuban cigars, be prepared to part with a substantial amount in exchange for an authentic variety. Cuban cigars may go for a couple hundred to even as high as five hundred dollars a box. If you hear of someone who may be selling them for less, it may be considered as a suspicious item. Such bargains may end up as expensive fakes that you should avoid.

If you want to play it safe and still want to enjoy a good Cuban cigar or two while abroad, it would be wise to purchase it from a recognized upscale hotel. This way you can be sure that you are purchasing an authentic Cuban cigar, even though it may mean paying a higher price for one.

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