The Proper Way of Smoking Cigars

smoking cigarOf course, cigars are meant to be smoked. There are not just made to be collected for years and years in humidors. Cigars are made and are meant to be smoked and enjoyed. There is always that thrill in going through the motions of enjoying one.

From cutting a bit off a cigar, trying to light it and puffing off from it while trying to savor the flavor and aroma that it invokes- these actions require proper procedure and are governed by certain guidelines. Yes, there is a proper way of enjoying a cigar. Here are just some of them:


The first step in the process of enjoying a cigar is the cutting. You must have a good cigar cutter in order to make sure that you cut it in a way to prevent the whole cigar from unraveling. The cut should be clear and regular.

Before cutting, you must be able to know on which side you need to cut, which is the head. The head of the cigar is the part that you are supposed to put in your mouth. This is also the part where the cap, or the round piece of tobacco that is used to keep the wrapper together, is glued.

The cap’s end is marked by a distinct line on the head of the cigar. Make sure that you cut some of the head a good 3 to 4 millimeters before the said distinct cap line in order to prevent tearing the cigar wrapper.


There is also a proper way of lighting a cigar. The type of instrument you use to light it may also affect the cigar in some ways. Always remember to make use of a butane lighter to light up your cigar instead of a gasoline lighter. Using a gasoline lighter may affect its taste.

You can also use any ordinary match to light up your cigar. Make sure that you leave the match stick to burn for awhile to get rid of the sulfur residues on it before using it to light the cigar. Also make sure that you light the foot of the cigar in a slow fashion. Hold the cigar horizontally at the flame and then rotating in around the foot of the cigar until it starts to burn.


When the cigar is being lighted, try to give it a few puffs. Then try exhaling over the foot of the cigar to give that burn a good start. Try to make sure that the burn is regular around the cigar foot to avoid one side from burning faster than the other.

When you puff on a cigar, avoid inhaling or swallowing the smoke. Just puff it right out of your mouth and enjoy the lingering aroma and aftertaste from the cigar. The cigar smoke has a high alkalinity level, high enough to make you cough if you inhale it. One can easily enjoy the flavor of cigars without inhaling its smoke.

Try also not to puff in the cigar too frequently or it will spoil the taste. Cigars are meant to be enjoyed ever so slowly. A puff every minute should be good enough.

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