The Finest Philippine Cigars

PhilippineThe Philippines has been exposed in using and making tobacco long before the Spaniards came. Yet it is of course it is only through the Spanish invasion that tobacco making skills was enhance and the massive production has been made within and outside for the archipelago. The Filipinos being an innate craftsmen and expert with tobaccos still serve the finest tobacco and humidors until today worldwide.

La Flor de la Isabela Don Juan Urquijo Cigars

Made perfect by the one of the master cigarette maker Mr. Alfreado Salinas, the La Floor de la Isabela Don Juan Urquijo Cigar is known to be the most complex cigar in the world having different tobaccos used in a cigar. It has been awarded an excellent rate of 88 by the Cigar Aficionado Magazine and was discribe as "An easy going cigar that will please those who like light cigars" by the Smoke Magazine.


The oldest and most popular brand of cigar in the Philippines. It has been for many years defined as the "Manila Cigar" and has been credited as the cigar that made the all the Philippine cigars world famous. Tabacalera has a sweet, mild, and slightly spicy taste with a light, floral smell.

1898 Independencia

The most popular Filipino cigar that was launched in 1998 during the mark of the Philippine Archipelago’s 100 years of Independence. 1898 Independencia is made of Isabela Binder, Isabela ‘pais’ filler wrapped in a special Java wrapper giving the cigar a smooth, bold and highlighted flavor.

Antonio Gimenez

It has a rich blend of Isabella ‘pais’ and Cuban seed filler. This cigar has a strong and rich flavor enhanced by its Java Wrapper and Isabela Binder. Antonio Gimenez Cigars is available in different sizes and may also be purchased on line through

Flor de Filipinas

This cigar is made out of the finest, rich blend of Cuban Tobacco Seed grown in the Philippines at the province of La Union since the 16th Century. It is binded using the Philippine binder and wrapped with an Indonesian Wrapper giving its clients a very exquisite, smooth Asian taste. Flor de Filipinas is availabe in all formats in a box of 25 cigar sticks.

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