The Dominican Republic: Cigar Country

Dominican republicAlthough it is Cuba that seems to come in mind when people speak about the finest cigars, the Dominican Republic is not far from being able to reach such a distinction with its own cigars.

Just like Cuba, the Dominican Republic is slowly getting the attention of a lot of avid cigar collectors all over the world for their own line of fine quality cigars. Therefore, it is important to learn about the country and how they come upon making cigar one of their prized commodities sought after by cigar collectors all over the world.

The Dominican Republic is actually just a neighbor to Cuba. It is part of the Caribbean island group and occupies the eastern part of the Caribbean island known as Hispaniola, with the Republic of Haiti occupying the remaining portion.

The Dominican Republic is the site of the first European settlement in the Americas, eventually becoming the initial site that began the spread of colonization of the Western Hemisphere by the European explorers. Santo Domingo is considered as the first city and colonial capital founded in the Americas which dates back to its official founding on August of 1498.

The history of the Dominican Republic is strewn with instability and frequent conflicts which somehow limited the country to enjoy continuous progress and development despite its richness in natural resources aside from its many beautiful and picturesque locations. Although the country has gone through a lot of economic hardships, its tobacco industry is one of the main reasons why it is still able to keep afloat.

And because of its large tobacco industry, the Dominican Republic has become one of the largest producers of cigars in the world. Although Cuban cigars may still dominate in the mindsets of cigar collectors, the Dominican cigars seem to provide a credible challenge to the distinction. The Dominican Republic seems to have some certain advantages over Cuba when it comes to cigars.

First and foremost, the Dominican Republic offers a great variety of flavors, aromas and colors when it comes to cigars. This is mainly due to a more ideal growing environment that allows farmers to grow a wide variety of tobacco made into cigars.

Dominican cigars may also have some Cuban roots. This is due to the fact that a lot of Cubans fled their country during the early times of Fidel Castro’s rule. Along with those who fled are the cigar makers who found their way into Dominican Republic bringing with the tobacco seeds cultivated in Cuba as well as their cigar making expertise.

Dominican cigars may have a lot in common with Cuban cigars in terms of quality with the difference coming only from the tobacco used since they are planted in different soils in different lands.

And because Dominican cigars have helped put the country back into the world map, the people have been doing their best to improve the quality of their tobacco as well as their cigars. Farmers carefully manage and care for their tobacco plantations in order to come up with only the finest leaves that go into the best Dominican cigars today.

With this rapidly improving system in tobacco cultivation and cigar making, it won’t be long until the Dominican Republic will be able to earn the highest distinction for their cigars all over the world.

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