Russian Style Cigarettes

cigaretteRussian cigarettes, though not known to many, are popular either to former Soviet blocs or the whole world. From a classy and chic to raw yet strong ones, the country itself has produced and still produces cigarettes that many will assure that it tastes beyond elegance, even crudeness. Below are three cigarette brands which anyone may find overwhelmingly splendid if not powerful as regards its flavor.

Belomorkanal Cigarettes

A cigarette made in commemoration to the construction of the Belomorsko-Baltiyskiy Kanal, it has a design known in Russia as papirosa. Like all cigarettes, a thin paper is wrapped around the tobacco. However, there is a with thick hollow cardboard tube attached to its end, which makes it the disposable holder.

Such a design may have attributed to the changes the cigarette might have undergone-as it was unfiltered in the past. Production is still continued until today, especially in Russia itself and in some of its former Soviet states, Belarus and Ukraine. Famed as one of the strongest cigarettes in Eastern Europe, it has been featured in several artworks and literature.

Nasha Marka

A few years back, in 2003, this brand had celebrated its centennial anniversary. This makes it remarkably ancient yet time-withstanding. The predecessors of this non-filtered cigarette, manufactured first by the Rostov Tobacco Factory, are known as marka. Don State Tobacco Industry manufactured this cigarette and christened it as it is called today, Nasha Marka. In totality, this cigarette is the classic-and classy-Russian brands anyone will ever see out there.

Sobranie Black Russian Cigarettes

The Gallaher Group, a company based in London is the manufacturer this brand of cigarette, it has been produced in Ukraine and, just recently in 2005, in Russia. Its design was patterned in the Russian style-with a cardboard tube attached to one of its end.

Known for its slimmer style of design as that of other standard cigarettes, this cigarette is more geared toward the ladies. What makes this Russian is the fact that it has been added with certain blends suited for Russian tastes. Characterized as black with gold foil filters, it is inlaid with the logo of the Russian imperial eagle.

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