Reviving Dry Cigars

dry cigarDiscovering dry cigars in your collection can be a tragic experience indeed. Dry cigars are in no way fit for smoking and at the same time fit enough to be kept any more. But fortunately, all may not be lost. There are ways that a cigar aficionado may be able to do something about dry cigars. It might still be possible to restore them.

Restoring dry cigars may depend on the extent of the damage or the condition of the said cigars. It would be good if you find your dry cigars still intact and in good shape on the outside. This means that your dry cigars may still be fit for restoration.

But if you already see some of the dry cigars already cracking with some of the tobacco wrapper beginning to unravel, then (sorry to say) restoration may already be too late to achieve. Broken wrappers in your cigars is a sign that it is time that you discard them.

When trying to restore dry cigars, take note that it is a slow process. Sudden changes in humidity surrounding your cigars may be enough to damage them. Letting your dry cigars absorb moisture to restore them may take from one to nine months, depending on the condition, the size and the age of the cigars.

There are several methods available on how to restore your dry cigars. There is the Quarter Turn method where dry cigars are stored in an open cigar box and placed in a damp location. The dry cigars are made to remain in this damp area for a week or so in order to let them absorb some of the moisture, with extremely dry cigars taking longer exposure.

After that, the dry cigars are then transferred to a humidor with humidity set at 70 percent. Each cigar is then given a quarter turn every two to three days. The restoration process is complete once the cigars have undergone full rotations at least twice in the given conditions.

There is also the Ziplock Bag method of restoring dry cigars where an open box of dry cigars are placed inside a Ziplock bag with little holes on it and then closed. This bag should then be placed in a larger Ziplock bag that contains a slightly damp sponge and then sealed. Every couple of days, the dry cigars are turned and also change its position from top to bottom in order to ensure slow but even moisture absorption.

There is also the Hot Shower method where you take the open box of dry cigars with you to the bathroom. You let it stay inside a dry area in the bathroom as you take a hot shower. After you’re done with your shower, close the box in order to trap the moisture inside.

The dry cigars are then carefully rotated every two to three days as you take your box dry cigars with you every time you take your hot shower for a period of two weeks. You can then place the restored cigars in a well maintained humidor to prevent them from drying up again.

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