Rating a High Quality Cigar

Cigar aficionados depend on how cigars are rated for quality before they decide on purchasing them. Although the task of rating and reviewing quality cigars largely depend on experienced cigar experts that many aficionados look up to, having some knowledge on how cigars are rated can also help cigar collectors decide on which cigars would eventually end up in their own collection.

Rating cigars is actually an art. Apart from the accepted rules and standards, there is nothing technical about rating cigars. There is actually no scientific way of how cigars are rated for quality. It mostly depends on the cigar experts five senses and personal judgment. Ratings for cigars are determined by the following general criteria that experts may take note on different levels when checking out different types of cigars.

Overall Appearance

Cigar experts initially take note of how cigars look as basis for their initial quality check. They look into such things like the consistency of the wrapper color and how each cigar is uniformly wrapped.

The shine or oiliness of the cigar wrapper leaf may also be considered for rating the quality of the cigar. Smoothness of the cigar wrapper may also score points on the quality scale.


Cigar experts also try to look how good each cigar is constructed when judging for quality. Expertly rolled or constructed cigars can be readily evident in its appearance and even more so when the experts finally handles one. The feel of the cigar may then come into focus as part of the review.

A soft cigar can either mean a loose construction that may affect the cigar’s durability. Even a too tightly constructed cigar may also not be a positive attribute since it may also affect how the cigar actually tastes when burned. More so, cigar wrappers that readily come loose when handled is a proof of poor construction.

Burn Rate

Cigar experts also look into how a cigar burns when judging for quality. A good quality cigar is one that is not hard to keep lit. Consistent burning is also looked into when judging quality cigars. A burning edge that comes thick or bubbled may be an evidence of the tobacco leaves being improperly aged.

Flavor and Aroma

Taste also comes as an important aspect of judging cigar quality. This would ultimately depend on the cigar experts since the flavor is always subjective and may depend on different personal preferences. What cigar experts generally look into is the consistency in flavor that the cigars give as they are being smoked.

A change in character in the flavor and aroma of the cigar as it is being smoked can affect how it is judged or rated for quality. This is one of the most important as well as the most difficult area to judge cigars since quality of the cigar may be judged upon a cigar experts own personal preference when it comes to taste and smell.

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