How to Select a Cigar Humidor

Cigar humidors come in handy especially for serious cigar collectors. In the case of having quite a number of different cigars in your cabinet, you definitely would need a good cigar humidor. A cigar humidor the best place to store your cigars. This is especially useful if you have more cigars that you can possibly use for a long time. After all, that is what cigar collectors do.

In collecting cigars, one must be able to know how to keep the cigars and in good condition always. Cigars are known to dry up over time. The moisture in the cigars may evaporate in time and may lose some of their best characteristics. In collecting cigars, one must bear in mind that they require storing in a special kind of environment that will allow them to remain in their best condition for a long time.

In order to keep your cigars in its best condition, it must be stored in spaces that have the ideal humidity, which falls around 65 to 75 percent. A space that provides this constant humidity will help prevent your cigars from drying up. And cigar humidors may be able to provide just the right environment for your cigar collection.

Cigar humidors can be a small wooden or acrylic glass boxes where you can store your most prized cigar possessions. Humidors can also be as big as walk-in spaces that may cover a whole floor to accommodate the storage of a vast collection of cigars. What they all have in common is that they provide a storage space for cigars with constant ideal temperature to always keep them in tip top condition.

Although different humidors are made from several wood varieties, the most common used today is that of Spanish cedar. They are usually crafted in the interiors of humidors as veneers and this comes with good reason. The many good characteristics of Spanish cedar make it ideal for keeping cigars in great condition. For one, Spanish cedar has excellent moisture absorption qualities that helps it maintain the humidity in an enclosed space such as a humidor.

The Spanish cedar also gives off a pleasant aroma that can be absorbed by the cigars after they are stored long enough. And not only that, Spanish cedar can also help repel the dreaded tobacco beetles that have been known to ruin an entire cigar stock. They do their damage by not only eating the tobacco leaves but also lay their eggs in the cigars themselves that bring further infestation.

A good humidor will always help keep your cigar stocks in the best condition possible for long periods of time. But it is also up to the collector to help make their humidors maintained. In buying a new humidor, it is always advised that the new ones be seasoned before you start storing your cigars in them. New humidors can be pretty dry when you first buy them.

One of the things that you can do to season them is by wiping its interiors with a moist cloth to remove any dust. After that, place a small container of water inside the humidor and leave it there for twelve hours at least with the lid closed. Once the water has been completely gone, the process is repeated for another 24 hours. When the water inside the humidor has stopped from evaporating by this time, you can now place your cigars inside it. You can also place a moist cloth or sponge inside the humidor to keep the wood as well as the cigars moist.

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