How to Keep Cigars Fresh

cigar humidorBuying a humidor would be the best thing when cigar storage comes to mind. Cigar humidors are perfect since they were specifically designed for cigar storage purposes in the first place, that and the fact that they do come in really fancy varieties or styles.

But purchasing a humidor is only half the battle of keeping your cigars fresh. The purpose of humidors is to keep the temperature and humidity levels controlled in such a way that the cigars will remain fresh. The idea is to maintain an environment where temperature and humidity is close to the natural tropical climate where the tobacco leaves originally came from. The ideal temperature would then be around seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from the temperature, humidity levels should also be put into check. A measurement of 70% humidity range inside the humidor would be the ideal level of moisture content. Keeping the cigars in theses conditions is a good way of saving money as well since you can buy better quality cigar and not worry about dumping them due to poor storage facilities.

Now, the ideal temperature/humidity combinations is, therefore, 70° temperature / 70% humidity. However, since these are merely "ideal" measurements, most of the time you won’t be able to achieve such perfect results. In reality, however, you might be able to get to as close as  65°F and 65% humidity, which is good.

According to some experts, cigars seem to be better off stored in temperature ranges of 62 to 70 degrees. However, once temperatures surge to about 75 degrees F in your humidor think of buying a better one or better yet purchase an electric cabinet type of humidor with those automatic and electronic kinds which maintains an ideal environment at all times.

Meanwhile, relative humidity should be maintained at  levels ranging from 65% to 75%. While others claim that 80% humidity level is still fine, why risk it?

The logic is, the lower the temperature, the higher the humidity and thus the more need to control the environment inside the humidor. This makes it a good habit to always, always keep your humidors with all the cigars in it in a relatively cool place.

The dangers of having too little humidity inside the storage box will lead to the cigars drying up and becoming flavorless. Maintaining a stable environment keeps them fresh and also prevents the dormant tobacco beetle-eggs in the leaves to hatch. The last thing you want is to see wriggling larvae destroying your precious cigars.

Cigars are highly sensitive to light, temperature, humidity, and friction. So keep your cigars and cigar box from direct sunlight and damp places. Just keep them in a cool, dry place.

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