How to Choose a Cigar

cigar selectionFor the cigar lover, no two cigars are ever the same. This can be said both in each cigar’s characteristics and inherent properties.  But this can only be determined by someone who has the experience and the expertise of choosing the best cigars. But how about for those who are novices to this type of hobby?  Here are some useful tips that would help new cigar aficionados on how to choose the best cigars.

First and foremost, novices should bear in mind that the best cigars cost a lot of money. If one is determined to have only the best cigars out there, then he should be prepared to shell out quite an amount for getting only the finest and the best. Exquisite taste does not come cheap, especially in the area of choosing the best cigars.

A reason why the best cigars are expensive is that most of them are carefully and artfully hand made. There are two ways on how cigars are being made: by hand and by machine. Hand-made cigars usually consist of carefully chosen whole tobacco leaves that are meticulously hand twisted to perfection.

Machine made cigars, on the other hand, consist of shredded tobacco leaves that are made into cigars using special equipment. The hand made cigars belong to the premium class and considerably cost quite more than machine made cigars which may come at a lower price and may be of lesser quality.

Machine made cigars can also be known for their aroma. Most machines cigar manufacturers make use of aroma additives in order to somehow suppress the taste of tobacco. There are some machine made cigars that might have aroma additives that smell like coffee, chocolate, vanilla or cherry. The best cigars do not have such aroma additives.

For the novice cigar aficionado, it is more advisable to buy different cigars by the piece instead of buying a certain kind by the container. Some cigar shop may present you with cigars in special containers of 10, 20 to as many as 50 pieces. It would be wiser to buy several different cigars by the piece and choose from this selection the ones that you like most.

Cuban cigars are probably one of the strongest varieties that one can find. When looking for quality hand made Cuban cigars, it is important for the cigar aficionado to note that the best hand made Cuban cigars are sold "in the nude", meaning they are not packed individually in plastic covers. If you see a plastic wrapped Cuban cigar, chances are that it is machine made.

Cigars from other cigar making countries are known by the distinctive taste of their cigars. Cuban cigars are known to have strong bitter chocolate taste as well as a hint of coffee and caramel. Those cigars made in Brazil are known to have a very rich taste. Dominican cigars are known for their soft and sweet like flavors as well as exude an herblike aroma when smoked.

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