How Cigar Construction Affects Taste

CigarNot all people can enjoy the same cigar in a similar way. True, cigar buffs may have that talent for knowing the best cigars in terms of quality, but enjoying them may be varied. This is because the taste of cigars may be affected by certain factors that may differ from person to person at some point in time. These factors can change the taste of a certain cigar as well as the enjoyment that a cigar smoker can get from it.

One of the important factors that may affect a cigar’s taste is the sense of smell. Generally, taste is closely related to the sense of smell and how well they function can affect how one may enjoy puffing on a certain cigar. If your sense of smell is limited by allergies and by a congested nose, you might not be able to get the full taste of a quality cigar no matter how hard you try. This will in turn affect how you perceive a cigar as to its taste.

Another factor affecting your taste with a cigar would be its age. A cigar made of properly aged premium tobacco would have a taste perceived as smoother than that coming from a younger batch of aged tobacco. If properly aged, cigars may be able to provide a smoother taste that can even combine well with other similarly aged tobacco blends. Some of the subtle and complex tastes offered by such properly aged premium cigars can be overpowered by the tastes of a young cigar, thereby greatly affecting its taste.

What you pair with your cigar may also greatly affect its taste. Some people often enjoy a cigar along with a favorite drink. The type of drink that you decide to pair up with your cigar would eventually affect its taste. A strong drink can easily overpower the subtle tastes of a cigar. What you may have eaten beforehand may also have an effect on how you might taste a quality cigar later on. The taste of the previous meal can linger in your taste buds and may affect the taste of your cigar afterwards.

The mood that you are in may also have a great effect on the taste of a cigar. The same cigar may be enjoyed at different levels depending in your mood. The reason for this might lie on the discovery that the sense of taste may be linked closely to the brain chemicals which also control human moods. This might be the reason that on a certain mood, you might enjoy a cigar quite nicely one day and not care about it the next. Such factors may also on how you might perceive a certain cigar to be like. Certain perceptions may also affect how a cigar may taste like. Such perception can be a big factor on how a cigar may taste like and how it is enjoyed eventually.

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