Dos and Don'ts For Cigar Connoisseurs

cigarCigar lovers should know what they can about cigars. Collecting them alone would not do for the serious cigar connoisseur. Valuable cigars are like any other collectible, they require patient care and maintenance. And most of all, cigar connoisseur must know the proper way of using them. Here are some tips that may be able to help every would-be cigar connoisseur out there.

Since you would be collecting cigars for a hobby, at least you must know how to use it. There’s always a proper way of handling a cigar. In lighting one for instance when you wish to take a puff, make sure that you make use of a butane lighter instead of a gas lighter. The cigar may absorb the fumes that is given out by most gas lighters and may affect the taste of the cigar itself.  A wooden match may also be used but wait until the sulfur on the match head has burned up before using it to light the cigar.

When taking off the cap on the head of a cigar, don’t attempt to bit it off. This might unravel the tobacco and ruin the whole cigar. Instead try to make use of a cigar cutter to take off the cap so that you can smoke it. But also make sure how much you cut off from the head of the cigar. Try to take off just a bit that does not go over the line of the cap or else, the cigar might unravel.

When you already are on the process on taking a puff of your newly lighted cigar, be sure not to inhale the smoke. It may prove to be too overpowering enough to cause you tearful bouts. Cigar smoke can be far too strong for one’s comfort. More so, the smoke may contain too much tar and nicotine due to the fact that most cigars make use of dried and unprocessed tobacco leaves. Puffing the smoke alone may be enough for the cigar lover to enjoy its taste and aroma.

When you already had puffed your cigar to your heart’s content and still with a lot to go on with, you can put it out for use the next day. And when you try to put out your cigar, just leave it on the ashtray for a while and it will extinguish itself without any help. Trying to snuff it out yourself would let the cigar emit a foul odor that may also affect its taste the next time that you use it. Also make sure that you don’t put it back in your humidor along with your other cigars. You can use a cigar savor where you can store your used cigar or you can also get rid of it altogether, depending on how you come to look at it.

These are just of the things that you should know about when you start to become an avid cigar collector and lover. Knowing the art of enjoying and collecting cigars can give you a different kind of thrill and comfort in your new hobby.

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