Difference Between Cigars and Cigarettes

cigarsWe encounter this question frequently: "What’s the difference between cigars and cigarettes?" In an attempt to clarify and inform you of the basic differences, I have compiled some information below and hopefully before you finish reading, you will be a bit smarter.

Let us begin with the obvious. One difference between the two is their size, with cigarettes being a lot smaller than cigars. Cigarettes are often more uniform in sizes compared to cigars. Cigars can measure more than five inches in length. And because of their sizes, the amount of tobacco they carry are also different.

A typical cigarette can carry about a gram of tobacco. On the other hand, a cigar can contain between five and 20 grams of tobacco. There are cigars that contain tobacco equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

Consequently, cigars last longer than cigarettes. People can finish a cigarette in ten to fifteen minutes. While cigars are smoked longer. Cigar smokers don not finish a cigar in one sitting. They smoke a few puffs, enjoy the sensation and then put it out saving the rest for another day.

Now comes the more subtle differences. Cigars are generally considered much more sophisticated than cigarettes. The cigars are often associated with style, culture and the refined. When you want to appear sophisticated with cigarettes, one needs to attach it to a cigarette holder and dress the part, whereas cigars dresses the smoker with sophistication.

Believe it or not, there are far more distinct varieties of cigars than cigarettes. Although, there are a lot of brands of cigarettes out there, the differences with each other is not that pronounced. It’s just an issue of one having less nicotine than another.

Cigars, on the other hand, is a different story. Aside from the outside appearances of cigars, the taste and smell of each brand is quite unique. No two cigar brands will have the same taste. Cigar makers pay more attention to providing their products with flavors than the makers of cigarettes.

Cigars are from a filler which is the bunched of tobacco that is bound inside the cigar and a binder, which is a tobacco leaf that is used to bind the filler together. The filler usually consists of different kinds of tobacco leaves and creates a distinct taste and aroma. Half of the cigar’s taste will rely on the filler. The binder is there to balance and sometimes enhance the flavor of the cigar’s filling.

These same flavors present in cigars also make them better companions of coffee or an alcoholic drink. Compared to the rather dull and less fulfilling taste of cigarettes,  cigar smokers can enhance one’s drinking experience more.

Another difference is actually more of a luxury for cigar smokers. Unlike cigarettes where you can smoke it anywhere you want, there are specific cigar bars that cater to the cigar smoking populace. The cigar bars add a certain level of exclusivity which further creates an image of sophistication for those who smoke cigars. Normally, cigarette smokers are not welcome inside cigar bars.

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