Buying Bundle Cigars

Bundle cigars are usually not what they are thought up to be. For most people, they might look like a class below the better quality cigars out there. But in all actuality, they may not be as bad as some may think. Buying bundle cigars may even provide consumers with affordable alternatives to enjoy a puff or two.

Bundled cigars first appeared during the 1960’s. They are actually cigars that are made to be sold as unbranded cigars. Some bundled cigars may also be sold as an overrun of a cigar manufacturer for a particular size.

Most bundled cigars can be identified at times by the name of the country they came from. You will hear of cigar shops selling Honduran Bundles or Nicaraguan Bundles. There are also times when manufacturers may produce bundle cigars as one time deals due to demand and may be sold with their own bands. This is most especially done by some popular cigar shops that contract a cigar manufacturer to produce house brands for them.

Bundle cigars can be differentiated from those termed as "seconds" in that the latter are usually ungraded cigars that didn’t meet up with the manufacturer’s standards due to some minor flaws. This does not necessarily mean that they are of bad quality. They are also produced in the same manner as the "firsts", only to have minor flaws later on such as problems with the wrapper or flaws in the cigar construction that is not up to considered standards. These seconds are also sold in bundles and sold unmarked at less cost.

In choosing the best bundle cigars to buy, close inspection might also be needed. If you have found a shop offering bundle cigars up for sale, here is what you should try to look for. First, it is best if you try to shop for bundles by country. This would depend on the blends that you most prefer. If you are more inclined to enjoy Nicaraguan blends, then you can have your choices in buying bundle cigars limited to those originating from that country.

When you find yourself with a bundle cigar that you like, inspecting them one by one may not be possible. Most bundle cigars come packaged and may not offer the same luxury of inspecting boxed cigars which you can inspect a cigar at a time. The best thing that you can do to inspect bundle cigars is to check if the cigars have been bruised, ripped or crushed.

When buying bundle cigars, choose those cigars that contain long leaf fillers. For better quality bundle cigars, you can also choose to buy those that were manufactured as a private blend contracted by a retailer as an exclusive brand. You can be sure that these cigars are made with a little bit more of quality in mind and at more affordable prices. You can also check where the bundle cigars were manufactured. This will be helpful especially if you have a good idea of a number of manufacturers known to produce the best brands and the best cigars out there.

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