Answers to The Most Common Cigar Questions

woman with cigarFor cigar collectors, a single cigar is valued more than just for smoking. Taking good care of their collection involves careful preparation and skill. Cigar collectors gather up knowledge and experience as they continue their hobby and gain more insight and wisdom in how to appreciate, care and value their collection even more.

Beginners in this hobby need not be impatient that they have so little knowledge about the art of cigar collecting. This is just normal. What beginners need to do is to catch up on their reading to build up their knowledge of cigars and collecting them as a hobby.

It would greatly help in making experts out of beginner hobbyists later on. Here are some answers to common cigar collecting questions that might help get beginner cigar collectors on their way to building up a worthwhile hobby.

Is it advisable to keep cigars in their original cellophane wrappers?

A fairly common question yet may leave some people stumped on what really is the right answer. True, some cigars can be bought wrapped with a cellophane wrapper around them although there are also some that can be bought "naked" or without them.

The cellophane wrapper only acts to protect the cigar from damage during transport or handling. They are not meant to be on cigars for long periods of time. The cello wraps may inhibit the proper aging process of the cigars by not allowing them to "breath".

In this case you might need to remove the plastic wrap on your cigars if you wish to keep them in your humidor for safekeeping. This will allow your cigars to age and breathe freely.

But there is also another side to this question. If you usually bring a cigar or two with you when you go out, the plastic wrapper may come in handy in protecting your cigars from damage. If you prefer bringing your cigars with you to smoke later on, you might be better off leaving the plastic wrap on your cigars.

How can I check cigars for freshness?

The best way to tell a cigar is fresh is by giving it the "pinch test". Lightly pinch a cigar using your thumb and your forefinger. You will know that the cigar is fresh if it feels firm and have some spring to it when pinched lightly. It shouldn’t feel hard or even feel soft or spongy on some spots. Chances are, the cigar may not be fresh anymore.

Why do some cigar boxes have a block of wood inside them?

When you buy cigar by the box, you might have noticed that some of them have a block of wood inside. This wood is usually made of Spanish cedar and is used as a spacer to keep the rows of cigars even. But that’s not their only purpose.

This block of wood also helps keep the cigars fresh and give the cigars its cedar fragrance that can be acquired as the cigars age. Collectors can also use this block of wood by placing them in humidors to help keep the cigars smelling fresh.

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