Affordable Mexican Cigars

mexican cigarsCigarettes does not have to be so expensive for one to say they tasted something of good quality. In fact, there are number of good cigarettes that you can buy for less than $2.00 per stick. It is even more affordable when actually bought per box or bundle. Some handmade cigarettes of affordable price can even be mistaken for a premium brand of cigar while on a blind taste test. The following are some of the fantastic quality and affordable Mexican brand of cigarettes.

Flor de Oliva Torpedo is made from Nicaragua. The size of this cigarette is 6 and a half by 52. It has sweet and a mild to medium flavor. Its price is $35 per bundle of 25. Storing it in a humidor for a while improves its taste.

Baccarat Luchadores
has a very sweet and mild taste. This cigarette is in fact one of the most chosen brands by beginners and connoisseurs. This cigarette unlike the others however, does not improves its taste after storing it for a while in a humidor. The price is $44 per box of 25 sticks.

Roly #2 Maduro is made my Rolando Reyes one of the manufacturers of Puros Indios Cigars from Honduras. This cigar taste better when it is just freshly taken out side of the package but the flavor does not improve as it age in a humidor. It is then best and advised to store it in a humidor without actually removing its cellophane tubes so to maintain its toasted flavor. The price is $23 for a bundle of $25.

Punch Bolos is also made from Honduras. The cigar has a lovely medium to full flavor which is better for the more developed palate. The size of Punch Bolos is 43/16 x 36 and its price is $29 for 5 tins containing 6 cigars (30 cigars all and all)

Arturo Fuente Curly Head is from the Dominican Republic. This cigar is also good and advised for beginners. It has a rustic appearance and does not have brands placed on it. It has a mild to medium flavor for the price of $60 for a box of 40 which is really already a very good deal.

Te-Amo # 4 is made from Mexico. The cigar is medium in flavor and may not be a good choice for beginners. The size of the cigar is 5 by 42 and its price is $39 for a box of 25.

Romana Robusto has a mild to medium flavor and needs to be aged in a humidor before smoking because it has a raw taste when one smokes it after freshly taking it out of the box. Its size is 4 ½ by 52 for a price of $69 for a box of 50.

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